FudanDNN Toolkit

We introduce a deep learning framework, named FudanDNN, developed by Robot Research Group, at Fudan University. Unlike the above tools, FudanDNN is designed to be used in business environments, rather than as a research tool. It is a C++-based, industry-focused, distributed deep-learning framework with expression, speed, and modularity. FudanDNN neural nets include restricted Boltzmann machines (RBM), autoencoders, convolutional nets, recursive neural nets (LSTMs) and any combination of them, which allows for fast prototyping for non-experts. The most distinctive feature of this tool is its GUI-based designer. By this designer, the structure of deep networks can be easily defined by simple drag-and-drop operations. 

The source code can be download from (GitHub FudanDNN)



FudanDNN源代码下载地址:(GitHub FudanDNN)